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Editor - Nicola File

Email editor@harrietshamfishscheme.org

Editorial Team
Rod Martenstyn,& Denise Williams editor@harrietshamfishscheme.org

Advertising Manager
Steve Brown
Email adverts@harrietshamfishscheme.org

Network Magazine

Network is published by the Harrietsham Fish Scheme. It is a monthly magazine, delivered free to all houses and businesses in the Parish of Harrietsham. Download the latest issue (PDF). Previous issues can be found on our archive page.

As it says in the ‘Welcome to Harrietsham’ booklet: ‘Network brings news and plans of all Clubs, Churches and individuals, and seeks to build a spirit of community. Its aim is to keep residents informed and its policy is non-political, non-sectarian but specifically Harrietsham’.

There is no charge for inclusion of editorial copy but this is at the Editor’s discretion. Editorial copy should be emailed to editor@harrietshamfishscheme.org by the deadline date.


Enquiries about paid advertising should be addressed to the Advertising Manager.

Download Guidelines for editorial copy to Network (word doc)

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